Learning Express Toys Talks about Rainbow Loom on WKOW’s Wake Up Wisconsin

Catherine Tye, Owner of Learning Express Toys in Madison, was on WKOW’s Wake Up Wisconsin on Monday, September 23, 2013 to talk about the hottest toys to hit the market since Beanie Babies – Rainbow Loom. Full Interview

It’s been called the hottest toy trend in America right now, the Rainbow Loom.  The new twist on the friendship bracelet and has kids and teens hooked.

More than four million people have watched YouTube videos to learn how to make them.  Kits are flying off local toy store shelves and it doesn’t take long to spot the brightly colored bands at any mall or playground.

Kids and parents say the plastic loom is easy to use and a great creative outlet.  With rubber bands, a hand tool and c-clips they’re able to weave bracelets, necklaces, key chains, a headband, even the occasional American Flag.

The creator of this latest fad wasn’t a giant toy company, but an average dad with a mechanical engineering degree.  Choon Ng, A former crash safety engineer at Nissan, inspired to develop the loom after seeing his daughters weave bracelets out of small rubber bands.

Catherine Tye of Madison’s Learning Express Toys joined Wake Up Wisconsin to talk more about the craze and show how kids are using it.

She says it’s a hit with all ages from grade school through high school and popular with both boys and girls.

Learning Express Toys Founder and CEO, Sharon DiMinico, attributes much of the Rainbow Loom’s success to its old fashioned appeal. “This isn’t a toy that lights up or requires an app; it goes back to basics,” notes DiMinico. “The Rainbow Loom encourages social interaction, builds fine motor skills, and inspires creativity. We’ve come to discover the play possibilities really are endless with this toy.” The Rainbow Loom is also proving to have universal appeal; the toy is popular with both boys and girls, and it appeals to a wide variety of age groups.